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Three Cycle Media publishes This Is AFCA, the Official Magazine of the American Football Coaches Association, six times a year. To learn more about This Is AFCA magazine, visit ThisIsAFCA.com. Three Cycle Media also publishes and maintains FootballCoachDaily.com, FootballProductReview.com and Gridiron Mentor, a range of electronic communications vehicles that reach football coaches and players of all levels.

This Is AFCA Magazine

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In an effort to better serve the needs of American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) members, the AFCA has launched This Is AFCA magazine, a full-color, glossy, six-times-a-year magazine dedicated to helping football coaches better manage their football programs, increase their overall coaching knowledge in all aspects of the game and be better mentors and leaders.

This Is AFCA represents a significant enhancement for the AFCA in communicating with members. It is the Official Magazine of the AFCA. It is the only magazine distributed to members by the AFCA. It is the only magazine at convention registration during the annual convention. The AFCA is putting its full resources behind This Is AFCA in order to better serve football coaches in the United States, and globally.

Three Cycle Media manages the editorial, ad sales, marketing, production and publication of This Is AFCA magazine. To download the media kit, click here.

Football Coach Daily

Football Coach Daily at FootballCoachDaily.com

Football Coach Daily at FootballCoachDaily.com

FootballCoachDaily.com is a Website dedicated to furthering the education of football coaches at all levels, from youth football to the pros. The website not only covers coaching world news and team rankings, it focuses specifically on teaching coaches how to get better at their chosen profession.

Topics on FootballCoachDaily.com include offensive and defensive drills and plays, special teams work, running better practices, youth football corner, strength and conditioning, sports medicine, facilities management, product information and more.

Football Coach Daily also communicates with coaches via its dedicated Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels, which boast a high degree of interaction across the platforms. The site also features a Daily Email Update with delivers an email to subscribers each morning showing updates to the site within the last 24 hours.

Football Product Review

Football Product Review at FootballProductReview.com

Football Product Review at FootballProductReview.com

FootballProductReview.com covers every facet of football products in the market. It is designed as a highly engaging, product-centric website that shows the latest and greatest football equipment to interested readers.

Viewers range from football coaches and athletic directors to football players and football fans. Football parents even visit the site to get the latest information on equipment their children are interested in.

Product categories covered on Football Product Review range widely and include, but are not limited to:

  • Equipment: Chin straps, helmets, cleats, uniforms, pads, gloves, footballs
  • Strength and Conditioning: Free weights, machines, tools, sleds, resistance training, suspension training, racks, cardio equipment
  • Sports Medicine: Braces, support, adhesive, kinesiology
  • Nutrition: Approved supplements, hydration equipment, sports drinks, food products
  • Instruction: DVDs, reports, plays, diagrams
  • Facilities: Technology, apps, locker room equipment, turf, inflatables

Gridiron Mentor

Gridiron Mentor from Three Cycle Media

Gridiron Mentor from Three Cycle Media

Gridiron Mentor is a bi-weekly email newsletter that reaches football coaches on every coaching level, from youth to the pros. It’s designed to provide key coaching information. The recent news section covers interesting tidbits from the past two weeks. The Meat And Potatoes section covers hardcore coaching educational materials. Seeing Is Believing provides a look into football coaching through the use of videos and animated plays. The Foootball Product Review section covers the latest and greatest in football and football-related equipment. Our social sections keeps the conversation going by showing some of the most interesting posts from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube from the prior two weeks.

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